Three head hopper scale

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Three Head Hopper scale

The basic working principle of a three-head weighing device will work like a single-head weighing scale. The total weight is divided into three head scales. The weighing touch, the head will weigh 15, 10, 10 kg / time. And can weigh up to 20, 15, 15 kilograms / time By weighing, there is a program to calculate the weight out in the form of a touch screen.

Therefore, weighing scales design Taking into account the efficiency of weighing calculations that are more stable than general weight scales. And can also store information that is rutumed and print out information for customers



Three Head Hopper Scale


  15 kg./drum. ,  10 kg./drum , 10 kg./drum

  Max Volume

20 kg./drum. ,  15 kg./drum , 15 kg./drum


  220/380 V 50/60 Hz.

  Power Rating

  5 kW.


  830 kg.


  W.750 x L.2,900 x H.2,600 mm.

Control System

  Inverter control cabinet

  Display System

  Touch screen

  Weighing system

  Load cell

  Open-close system

  Air Cylinder “Mal”