De Heading Conveyor

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De Heading Conveyor

In which, after basic work, it will be a work point for workers in each position By allowing workers to peel the shrimp raw material In addition to providing workers with work, there are also conveyors that are used to transport raw materials. The conveyor belt for raw materials can be transported up to 4 products. 1. The conveying of the raw material that has been shelled successfully. 2. Used to transport the tray back to be used to put the raw material again. 3. Used to transport. The goods for making the shell of the raw material 4. Used for conveying the scrap raw materials for disposal


De Heading Conveyor


  10 kg/people.

  Working capacity

  44 people


  220/380 V 50/60 Hz.

  Power Rating

  5 kW.


  970 kg.


  W.1,200 x L.15,000 x H.1,180 mm.

  Control System

  Inverter control cabinet

  Conveyor System

  Modular belt

  Motor Gear

  3 Phase 3 HP 4 Pole